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Almudena Barrientos

University school of Tourism Iriarte
(Assigned to the University of La Laguna, ULL)
Paseo Santo Tomás, s/n,
38400 Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife,(Spain)

Almudena Barrientos is an Associate Professor at the Iriarte University School of Tourism adscribed to the University of La Laguna (Tenerife-Spain). Master in Protocol Management, Production, Organization and Event Design (Camilo José Cela University) and Master in Management of Tourist Accommodation (University of Girona). Degree in Tourism and Teaching. Her main research interests are communication, emotional intelligence, emotion management, gender, professional performance in the tourism industry and protocol. She has published in different publishers and magazines on ICT applied to teaching, university innovation, emotional intelligence, digitalization 2.0, gender and business, the excellence of content and the use of social networks. She is a member of the Iriarte research team and a PhD international doctoral candidate at the Camilo José Cela University in Madrid.

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