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Wiselis-Rosanna Sena-Rivas

PhD Candidate
University of Salamanca
School of Education
Paseo Canalejas, 169. 37008
Salamanca. Spain

Wiselis-Rosanna Sena-Rivas is a PhD candidate in Education in Knowledge Society. She holds a MA degree in ICT in Education: analysis and design of education processes, resources and practices (2013-2014), from the University of Salamanca, and a BA degree in Basic Education from the Salomé Ureña Teacher Training Institute, campus Félix Evaristo Mejía (Dominican Republic, 2007).

Professor and researcher at the Catholic University of Santo Domingo (UCSD) in the area of Speech Therapy and Information and Communication Technology.

In the teaching field, she has worked for more than fifteen years at La Salle Dominican College and the Ministry of Education.

She holds Diplomas in Youth and Adult Education, from the Technology Institute of Santo Domingo INTEC, and in Centre Management, from the Mother and Teacher University. She has completed curses and workshops in the field of research, including: “Cybersecurity and information protection”, at the Menéndez Pelayo International University, and “Educational Robotics”, at the International Center for Advanced Technologies. She has also designed and taught a set of workshops related to technology resources applied to education.