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Call for papers
Special issue of the RLCS dedicated to
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Innovation in communication. Challenges in the european public tv and mobile journalism

Coordinated by:

Miguel Túñez, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela;
and Francisco Campos, Universidad de Santiago.

Publication in RLCS. For evaluation and selection of texts to be published in the Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, all proposals received should comply with the editorial requirements and the confidential guidelines of any article submitted to the journal. Given the case they are approved for publication, they should fulfil the requirements for layout, research registry and should be accompanied by their corresponding video presentation.

Publication of book: The best articles not selected for this monographic issue of RLCS could be chosen, based on their authors, for publication in 2018 of a book of the Cuadernos Artesanos collection, edited by Sociedad Latina de Comunicación Social (La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands).

Review of submissions: Will be performed using a blind peer review system by reviewers of the Revista Latina de Comunicación Social and the Red Internacional de Investigación de Gestión de la Comunicación [International Research Network in Communication Management].

The list of all reviewers will be public once all articles of this special issue have been published.

Submissions of originals and publication dates: originals will be accepted between June 01 and December 31, 2017. 

Publication from January 2018.


Innovation is one of the main strategic concerns in the management of private and public mass media companies, because of the disruptive character caused by the introduction of new technologies, alternative business models, open distribution systems, changes in cultural consumptions and different forms of access from users. This concern is also transferred to academy and research to discover transferal of applications and study the impact of its social repercussions.
Therefore, the Red de Investigación de Gestión de la Comunicación [Research Network of Communication Management] (REDES 2016 GI-1641 XESCOM ED341D R2016/019, supported by Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria de Galicia), which coordinates the Research Group of Novos Medios from Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, is making a public call for papers about INNOVATION IN COMMUNICATION. CHALLENGES IN THE EUROPEAN PUBLIC TV AND MOBILE JOURNALISM, responding to activities of R+D projects from the State Programs  of Promotion of Technical and Scientific Excellence Research, a State subprogram about Generation of Knowledge from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain regarding “Indicators of governance, funding, accountability, innovation, quality and public services of European RTV applicable to Spain in the digital context” (reference CSO2015-66543-P) and “Uses and informative preferences in the new map of media in Spain: Journalism models for mobile devices” (reference CSO2015-64662-C4-4-R). 

Theme indicators of article submission for evaluation are as follows:

  • The European audiovisual public service before the new digital ecosystem.
  • Management of innovation of audiovisual services of the European public radio televisions.
  • Innovation applied to governance systems, funding and/ or accountability of public European audiovisual media.
  • Creativity and innovation in programming, issuance, social networks, augmented reality, transmedia narratives and dissemination of informative, entertainment contents and other services applied in the European public audiovisual media.
  • Indicators of quality and evaluation systems of social impact of the public audiovisual service.
  • Analysis of typologies of cybermedia.
  • Interactivity, hypertextuality and multimediality in journalistic cybermedia
  • Mobile communication and mobile journalism.
  • Narratives for mobile devices.
  • Uses and informative consumptions from mobile devices.

Latina Symposium, in Santiago
On May of 2018, the Latina Symposium, INNOVATION IN COMMUNICATION. CHALLENGES IN THE EUROPEAN PUBLIC TV AND MOBILE JOURNALISM, will be held in the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, with roundtables and open communications about the themes proposed by this public research call. To introduce the project of the book of Cuadernos Artesanos about “Innovation in the European public TV and mobile journalism”.

The organizing committee of the III Latina Symposium will be comprised by the coordinators of the special monographic issue of Latina (Miguel Túñez, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, and Francisco Campos, Universidad de Santiago), by the professors

- Rosario de Mateo (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona),

- Manuel Pinto (Universidad de Minho, Portugal),

- Barbara Mazza (Universitá di Roma La Sapienza, Italia),

- Xosé López García (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela),

- Ana Gabriela Nogueira (Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Porto, Portugal)

and the director of the Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, RLCS,

- José Manuel de Pablos (Universidad de La Laguna).