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Miguel Alejandro Chamorro Maldonado

Public Relations and Communications Centre
University of Valparaiso,
Avenida Errázuriz 1108, Postal Code: 2340000
Valparaíso Region, Valparaiso City, Chile.
Phone 963738749

Miguel Alejandro Chamorro Maldonado holds a PhD degree in Communication and Journalism from the Department of Communication and Journalism of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and a master’s degree in Cultural Management from the University of Playa Ancha (Chile), and a Diploma in Cinematographic Studies, from the University of Valparaiso (Chile).

Beneficiary of the Advanced Human Capital Fellowship (in 2012), awarded by Chile’s National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, CONICYT, to develop its doctoral research project in Barcelona.

Participant in several scientific communication conferences. Working along Lorenzo Vilches at the International Television Observatory (OITVE), a university publishing and consulting platform focused on television and digital media at international level.

Communications advisor at the Extension Center of the University of Valparaiso. Member of the Observatory for the Classification of Toxic Hazards and Risks (Observatox-UV). Associate researcher at the Chilean Pharmacopoeia Centre. His research works focused on the areas of social participation in online communication, historical memory, fiction television and transmedia narratives.