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Juciano de Sousa Lacerda

Department of Social Communication
Centre of Human Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts
Universidad Federal del Rio Grande del Norte, Brasil
Phone number: +55 (84) 33422245

Juciano de Sousa Lacerda (Cajazeiras-PB, Brazil, 1974), PhD in Communication Sciences by Universidad del Vale del Río de los Sinos (Unisinos), Brazil, he is Visitor Professor in Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) as grantee of Capes Agency, by the Ministry of Education of Brazil, in the Program of Senior Stay Abroad / Process nº 88881.120875/2016-01, working in the Research Group Migracom-UAB. He is Tenured Professor of the Doctorate in Media Studies of Universidad Federal del Rio Grande del Norte, Brazil, in the research line of Studies on Media and Social Practices.

He is the current coordinator of the Work Team Communication and Citizenship of the National Association of Postgraduate Programs on Communication (,br, 2018). He has coordinated the Work Team Communication for Citizenship of the Brazilian Society of Interdisciplinary Studies of Communication (Intercom, 2013-14). He has lectured courses and conferences as guest professor in Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), in the international cooperation Unisinos-BR/UAB-ES/UFRN-BR, through the Program CAPES/DGPU nº 40/2014 and MECD HPB-14/00030 (2016; 2017); in Universidad de Sevilla (US, 2017); in Universidad de Santa Maria (UFSM, 2017); in Universidad Federal del Mato Grosso del Sur (UFMS, 2016); in the School of Communication and Fine Arts of Universidad de San Paulo (USP-Brasil) in the cooperation USP/UFRN/UFMS, EDITAL PROCAD/Capes N° 071/2013 (2014; 2015); in Universidad Federal Fluminense (UFF-Brazil); in Universidad del Vale de los Sinos (Unisinos-Brazil, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017).

His researches are focused on the process of public communication and citizenship in interface with advertisement and propaganda and public and collective health. He has published and coordinated six books and more than 100 papers on scientific journals, book chapters and double-blinded reviewed professional conferences. He has obtained scholarships and research investments valued in more than 500 thousand dollars and has participated in research projects with total contributions of more than one million dollars.