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Denis Renó

Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Communication
Sao Paulo State University – UNESP
Av. Edmundo Carrijo Cobe, s/n, (Brazil)
Phone: +551431036000

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Journalist and photojournalist, Doctor in Social Communication from the Methodist University of São Paulo (Brazil), he has developed post-doctorate on Transmedia Journalism by the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and post-doctorate on Interactive Interfaces for mobile devices by the University of Aveiro ( Portugal). He is a professor of the Journalism Program of the Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Communication of the State University Paulista - UNESP (Brazil), where he is also coordinator of the master's program and professor of the postgraduate program in Media and Technology. In addition, he is an honorary professor at the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and visiting professor at the National University of Rosario (Argentina) and the Technical University of Loja - UTPL (Ecuador).

In his professional career, in addition to having acted in television and internet, he was the producer and director of 11 documentaries, some of them classified in international festivals. Among his works, the documentary Tradições paulistas, cadê? (2003), classified in the 18th Paulista Audiovisual Show (Brazil), the Golosina Visual Festival (Mexico) and the Viaxes na Lusofonia Festival (Spain). Among the experimental productions, the interactive documentary Bogotá Atómica (2009) and the transmedia documentary Galego-Portuguese (2013) stand out.

As a researcher, he is the author of four books: Interactive documentary cinema and linguagens audiovisuais participativas (2011), Documentário em novas fabrics (2012), Transmedia journalism (2012) and Discussões sobre a Nova Ecologia dos Meios (2013), besides author of 50 book chapters and more than 100 academic articles in journals indexed in Brazil or in international indexes.

Currently, he is Academic Director of the Latin American Chair of Transmedia Narrative and member of the Media Ecology Association (USA), as well as being coordinator of MOBILAB - Laboratory of Studies on New Narratives and Mobile Devices. The laboratory is financed by development agencies in Brazil.