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Ana Jorge Alonso

Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising
School of Communication Sciences
University of Malaga (UMA), Spain
León Tolstoi, 4, Campus de Teatinos.
CP: 29071, Malaga, Spain

Her general line of research deals with the relations between communication and power from a critical perspective, and at the same time explores the line of women’s studies. The publication in 2004 of her book on Women in the media and public television (Mujeres en los medios, mujeres de los medios. Imagen y presencia femenina en las televisiones públicas: Canal Sur TV), by the Icaria publishing house, of great tradition in the field of gender issues, has become an important reference in the gender studies repositories of several international universities and institutions. Former coordinator, between 2003 and 2009, of the Doctoral Programme in Communication and Power of the University of Malaga, where she is in charge of the teaching and research line in Women’s Studies in Communication.

Guest researcher, in 2005, at the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, working on communication as one of the vertices of the power relations between centre and periphery, in which the Mediterranean occupies a peripheral place in the production of messages. This study stems from a research award granted by Andalusia’s Film Library to examine the degree of penetration of American multinational film companies in the Spanish and Andalusian cinema markets.

Her work on the generation of knowledge on the aspects that limit the material conditions for the exercise of the right to equality in communicative processes has expanded her research interest towards migration and cooperation. Currently working in various cooperation projects, both in education and research, in several Latin American countries. The conjugation of communication for development with gender mainstreaming is the framework of the first research stay (2006) in La Paz (Bolivia) at the Simón Bolívar Andean Universidad and the Higher University of San Andrés; with which she continues to work through its Centre for Research and Postgraduate Studies in Science for Development (CIDES).

Currently analysing the information treatment of violence against women, on which she has published six works including, Violencia y medios de comunicación. El tratamiento de la violencia contra las mujeres en los informativos de TV. La proximidad al hecho (“Violence and the media. Treatment of violence against women in TV news. The proximity to the event”), of Lourdes Rivilla (2010).

Participant in the project of excellence of the Government of Andalusia: “Observatory of the information treatment of gender-based violence, with emphasis in ethnic and cultural identity”. Director, during two years, of the project “Gender-based violence: communicative strategies and practices for the empowerment of women” in collaboration with the Women’s University Institute of the San Carlos University of Guatemala.  

Currently involved in the research project of the R&D National Plan, titled “Research system of social practices of communication in Spain. Map of projects, groups, lines, objects of study and methods” (MapCom)” (2013-47933-C4-3-P).