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Elvira Canos Cerda

Doctor Collaborating Professor
Department of Audiovisual Communication,
Advertising and Information Technology
Faculty of Humanities and Communication Sciences
CEU Cardinal Herrera University
Calle Luís Vives, 1 Alfara del Patriarca, 46115, (Valencia)

Graduate in Sciences of the Visual and Auditory Image (1996) by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Doctor in Communication (2015) by the CEU Cardinal Herrera University.

Professor and Secretary of the Department of Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Information Technology, teaching the subject of Audiovisual Theory and Technique and conducting and conducting Final Year’s Dissertation Projects.

In the field of research and publications she is currently a member of the research group "Rock & Love: advertising creativity in the digital era", from which lectures and papers have been presented in Congresses, and generating publications in scientific journals.

Her doctoral thesis was an historical and analytical approach towards formal novelties in fiction programs made on electronic format in TVE (Spanish Television channel) on the period ranged 1964-1975.